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Retrieves version information about the server and protocol.


    "type": "version"


    "type": "version",
    "server_version": "0.20.0",
    "protocol_version": "0.20.0",
    "capabilities": []


  • server_version: string representing the version of the server following Semantic Versioning.

  • protocol_version: string representing the version of the network protocol (messages and authentication) following Semantic Versioning. Note that this can be different from the server version as the protocol stabilizes.

  • capabilities: array of strings representing the capabilities of the server when it comes to implementation of the protocol. As of version 0.20, there are the following capabilities possible:

    • exec: supports executing processes.
    • fs_io: supports performing I/O operations on the filesystem.
    • fs_perm: supports modifying permissions on the filesystem.
    • fs_search: supports searching the filesystem.
    • fs_watch: supports watching the filesystem for changes.
    • sys_info: supports retrieving system information.


  • It is expected that the reference implementation of distant implements all capabilities. For those that do not implement a capability, associated requests should respond with an error of the kind unsupported.