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System info

Retrieves information about the remote system.


    "type": "system_info"


    "type": "system_info",
    "family": "...",
    "os": "...",
    "arch": "...",
    "current_dir": "...",
    "main_separator": "...",
    "username": "...",
    "shell": "..."


  • family: family of the operating system as described in std::env::consts::FAMILY.

  • os: name of the specific operating system as described in std::env::consts::OS.

  • arch: architecture of the CPU as described in std::env::consts::ARCH.

  • current_dir: current working directory of the running server process.

  • main_separator: Primary separator for path components for the current platform as defined in std::path::MAIN_SEPARATOR.

  • username: name of the user running the server process.

  • shell: default shell tied to user running the server process.


  • While every field is required to be returned, some implementations such as ssh may not have access to all information easily. So the expectation is a best possible approach to returning data. For anything unavailable, you can expect an empty string, rather than an undefined value in JSON.