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Make dir

Creates a directory on the remote machine.

distant fs make-dir /path/to/dir


  • --all: will create any of the missing intermediate directories in the path. If not provided, the call will fail if there is a missing part of the path.


  • Relative paths resolve to the current working directory of the server.
distant fs make-dir --help
Creates a directory on the remote machine

Usage: distant fs make-dir [OPTIONS] <PATH>

  <PATH>  The path to the directory on the remote machine

      --cache <CACHE>                Location to store cached data [default: /home/runner/.cache/distant/cache.toml]
      --log-level <LOG_LEVEL>        Log level to use throughout the application [possible values: off, error, warn, info, debug, trace]
      --connection <CONNECTION>      Specify a connection being managed
      --log-file <LOG_FILE>          Path to file to use for logging
      --config <CONFIG_PATH>         Configuration file to load instead of the default paths
      --unix-socket <UNIX_SOCKET>    Override the path to the Unix socket used by the manager (unix-only)
      --windows-pipe <WINDOWS_PIPE>  Override the name of the local named Windows pipe used by the manager (windows-only)
      --all                          Whether or not to create all parent directories
  -h, --help                         Print help