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Spawning the manager


Install distant as a service on your local machine, which will leverage the operating system's service manager to keep distant running, start distant when your machine first boots, etc.

distant manager service install

The above will attempt to detect your operating system's service manager and install the appropriate files to run the manager automatically.

If you are running this as a non-root user, then you may want to include the --user flag. If the service manager supports user-level services, this will install distant as a user-level service.

distant manager service install --user

Once installed, you will then start the service by running distant manager service start or distant manager service start --user.


Run the distant manager as a background daemon. This will spawn the distant manager and fork the process on Unix or detach the existing process on Windows.

distant manager listen --daemon


Run the distant manager as a foreground process. This will spawn the distant manager and have it listen for requests. You can use this when you want to manager the process entirely yourself.

distant manager listen