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During the plugin's lifetime, there are a variety of events that occur such as the active connection changing. You can listen to these events and respond using Lua callbacks.

  • connection:changed: triggered whenever the active connection changes.
  • manager:started: triggered when a manager was not running and was therefore started by this plugin.
  • manager:loaded: triggered when a manager is loaded for the first time, which can occur both from starting a manager or connecting to an existing one.
  • setup:finished: triggered when the call to setup() completes.

plugin:on(event, handler)

This function ties a handler to an event, invoking the handler whenever the event is emitted. Handlers accept a single payload as part of the event emission, which can hold data relevant to the specific event. The following events have a payload:

  • connection:changed: payload is the client tied to the connection.
  • manager:started: payload is the manager that was started.
  • manager:loaded: payload is the manager that was loaded.
plugin:on('connection:changed', function(client)
  -- Use the client tied to the connection

plugin:once(event, handler)

Similar to plugin:on, this function also takes a handler to tie to an event, but the handler is only triggered once before it is disassociated with the event.

plugin:once('connection:changed', function(client)
  -- Use the client tied to the connection

plugin:off(event, handler)

This function disables event emission for a specific handler that was registered earlier.

function handler()

-- Enable the handler for an event
plugin:on('connection:changed', handler)

-- Disable the handler for the same event
plugin:off('connection:changed', handler)