Distant supports multiple backends to facilitate remote communication with another server. Today, these backends include:

  • distant: a standalone server acting as the reference implementation.
  • ssh: a wrapper around an ssh client that translates the distant protocol into ssh server requests.

Not every backend supports every feature of distant. Below is a table outlining the available features and which backend supports each feature:

Feature distant ssh
Filesystem I/O 1 ✅ ✅
Filesystem Watching 2 ✅ ❌
Process Execution 3 ✅ ✅
Reconnect 4 ✅ ❌
Search 5 ✅ ❌
System Information 6 ✅ ⚠

  1. able to read from and write to the filesystem. 

  2. able to receive notifications when changes to the filesystem occur. 

  3. able to execute processes. 

  4. able to reconnect after network outages. 

  5. able to search the filesystem. 

  6. able to retrieve information about the system.